Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies in Irvine, CA

If this is a life-threatening injury, dial 911 or have a relative/friend drive you to your local hospital.

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Dental emergencies strike without warning and can be painful or stressful when they occur. Dr. Lomboy and his team are committed to alleviating discomfort and seeing our patients promptly when they experience a serious complication.

If a tooth becomes dislodged, for example, our dentist is often able to see you the same-day during regular office hours to resolve your issue. In addition, he can provide instructions on how to keep the dislodged tooth in optimal condition until you reach our office in Irvine.

After hours, our dentist has a personal contact number through which he can triage most issues until the next available appointment. Our doctor once took a call late at night from one of our patients who was n vacation in Europe with a dislodged crown Through detailed explanations and images provided by Dr. Lomboy, our vacationer was able to re-position his device, still enjoy his time off, and prevent further problems from developing until his return.

Certain emergencies need immediate attention to prevent more serious health risks. Some issues that warrant an urgent office visit are:

  • Painful swelling of oral tissues including gums, tongue, and palate.
  • Constant, severe bleeding from our teeth and periodontal structure.
  • A persistent toothache that has lasted more than 48 hours.
  • A permanent tooth that becomes loose, or has been completely knocked out.
  • Any injury to the jaw, which is the base for our facial structure and tooth roots.

The sooner Dr. Lomboy can examine the issue the better, as delaying treatment can have an adverse impact on our oral structures.

Tooth-Saving Root Canals

Many sudden on-set dental problems involve the interior areas of a tooth, hence the symptom of a persistent toothache. Removing the inner nerves and affected components beneath the tooth’s protective layer can displace much of the discomfort. Also, root canal therapy stops the spread of infection to other teeth through an abscess, making them very effective at saving our natural oral structure while deterring any present pain.   

Emergency Dental care in Irvine, CA

We provide our local Irvine, Lake Forest, and Newport beach patients with quality restorations, as well as prescribe antibiotics and other medication when necessary. We also recommend speaking with Dr. Lomboy during your next visit to learn helpful steps to take in an event of an emergency. At Woodbridge Dental Services, we welcome both existing and new patients to receive swift dental care in their time of crisis. Call today!


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